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What’s trending right now in the landscaping world?

We’re seeing a lot of great trends right now:
Sustainable, environmentally friendly landscaping. Planting native plants for more sustainable gardens that require fewer resources and that provide sustenance for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Permeable pavers and rain gardens to help control water runoff and drainage issues. Smart and high-efficiency irrigation systems. Organic turf care programs.
Self-sustaining agriculture such as vegetable and herb gardens.

What is easy to overlook when designing or maintaining your outdoor living space?

Most often we see people not being conscious of the plant’s mature size. For example, people tend to plant their plants too close together or the house and then once the plants have reached their full size, the home owner has to go back and consistently maintain them.

A few other things people tend to forget is how important soil preparation is,  how the natural habitat has an effect on their landscape (especially those living close to the woods), and how your water runoff can affect your neighbors’ water runoff and drainage.

Especially in the heat of the summer, it’s important to remember that even well-established plants (large trees and shrubs) can benefit from being watered a couple times a week. The stress of the summer heat can lead to issues in the future. Also, using proper pruning techniques is critical since a poorly pruned tree or shrub is more susceptible to disease and pest problems. Lastly, people must understand that even a low maintenance garden needs some tending to a couple time of the years.

How can I really make my landscape “pop”?

Adding a fireplace, fire pit, pizza oven or outdoor kitchen to a patio gives you a lot more options with your space.  Pergolas are great for climbing plants and adds a vertical dimension to your landscape.  The right outdoor lighting can turn your home and garden into an entirely new setting at night, and water features add a great natural touch to your garden.

How do I come up with a good design?

Go on garden tours and study the gardens you gravitate toward, whether formal or more relaxed. In general, I think a garden with wide, curving borders works best. Just don’t try to cram too much drama into a 2-foot-wide strip. Get bold and make borders or beds 6, 8, or 10 feet deep.